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My prayer is for all of us to become "Ambassadors" for Christ and one day citizens in heaven.
Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo

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Meet the Staff

Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo, President/CEO

Mrs. D'Angelo is both the President and Chief Executive Officer of ANGEL EXPRESS ® . She was inspired to create ANGEL EXPRESS  ® in 2001. Read the story. Her leadership and guidance provides the inspiration and direction for the development of the company and its mission of bringing people to Christ.
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Rosario (Ross) D'Angelo, Vice President & COO/CFO

Mr. D'Angelo serves as both Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. He has coordinated all the production efforts to make the mission of the company become an actuality. 

Press Releases

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Business License. 
June 5, 2003, Angel Express ® was granted a Business License in the City of Newport News, VA. After receiving a design patent on May 21, 2002, for their unique Christian Greeting Card and obtaining an issue of allowance for our Angel Express Trademark on October 29, 2002, they knew it was time to move forward with our gift from God. A company spokesman said, "After many hours of research and finding the right team to help us, we have been blessed to bring this website on-line."

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Announces the release of their New Website.
August 23, 2003, Angel Express ®  opened its doors on the web for business. Christians throughout the world can now use these beautiful christian greeting cards to spread the Word of Our Lord. There is even a selection of free christian greeting cards for those not able to become Ambassadors.

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Christian Website Award.
September 8, 2003, Angel Express ® received the Christian Website Award.
This Christian "Christ is in this House" Website Award is based upon specific criteria including: unique design, straight forward navigation, and a personal touch as well as interesting, useful and inspirational Christian content. Todd Strait, the presenter of the award, said "... Congratulations, your site has qualified for the WM8C's 'Christ is in this House' award! Thank you for inviting me to your home on the web and it is a compliment to the WWW. I enjoyed my visit! You have a wonderful ministry. May God continue to bless all you do!"
ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Christian Awards "Top Site" Award.
September 9, 2003. The award, presented by Christian, grants this award only to sites with meaningful content that effectively serves the Christian community, bringing service to the Lord. The document accompanying the notification of the award stated "Congratulations! We have reveiwed your site and found that it meets all the requirements for our award ... Thank you for bringing a quality Christian site to the Internet!"

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Christian Awards "Gold Medallion" Award.
September 10, 2003. Angel Express ® received the Gold Medallion Award. Rich, when informing Angel Express ® of their award, said "Just returned from your most wonderful site......... Great job! You not only met all of our requirements for the award, you exceeded them! Great design and layout, navigation, use of graphics, contact info, easy to navigate, wonderful content, etc. All together a very professional work! I would be honored if you would accept our 'Gold Medallion' award for all the hard work and time spent in its creation. .... Again, Great Work!
May God richly bless you and all your efforts in His service!!"

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Christian Awards "Committed to Christ" Award.
September 10, 2003. Received Christian Awards "Committed to Christ" Award. This award is presented to Christians who are committed to Christ and have a site that is committed to Christ. Gayle Walters said in her notification of the award, "What a nice idea! I would love to offer you an award. I liked the scriptures being read out loud. that should prove to be very effective ... Great job!"


ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives Christian Awards "Light of the Lord" Award.
September 14, 2003. Received from Angel Hugs 'N Smiles the "Light of the Lord" Award. Launa Sallai said "Thank you for all your hard work on your site, and for sharing it with us. "


ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Christian Web Award.
September 16, 2003. Received "Christian Web Awards." This award is presented only to sites meeting all the award criteria of Christian Web. This includes consideration of content, design, performance and suitability.

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Golden Web Awards.
September 17, 2003. Angel Express ® received the Gold Medallion Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

Chatham native Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo invents greeting cards equipped with scripture readings.
October 16, 2003, Danville, VA, Danville Register & Bee staff writer Darren Sweeny interviewed Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo for a front page story in her hometown newspaper describing the story behind the development of her unique greeting card. Read the story.

Tightsqueeze resident invents 'scripture speaking card'.

October 22, 2003, Chatham, VA, Star-Tribune staff writer Lee S. Bumgarner interviewed Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo for the story describing the patented a "scripture speaking card" aimed at spreading the Good Word.
The card
is properly referred to as "A Scripture Talking Card."™ In places in this article the term "scripture speaking card" was used. Read the article.


ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Risen Savior Award."
November 3, 2003. Angel Express ® received the Risen Savior Award as a website that is Dedicated to Jesus Christ, sharing faith. Nancy Brossart, of Cheddar Bay said "
I'm THRILLED to present one of my awards to your great website!"

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "AlbertaRose Website Award."
December 2, 2003, Angel Express ® received the AlbertaRose Website Award. The notification from Debbie Sarich of said "Congratulations Sylvia!
You have a beautiful site. Thank you for submitting it for the AlbertaRose Website Award.
... Thank you for the honor of viewing and reviewing your site! Please, keep up the very good work! To you and yours, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas!"

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Giving God the Praise Award."
December 4, 2003. Angel Express ® received the "Giving God the Praise Award". Veronica (who notified us) said "Congratulations Sylvia I have reviewed your Christian card site and I am honored to give your site the award...."

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Sharing the Love of Jesus Award."
December 17, 2003. Angel Express ® received the "Sharing the Love of Jesus Award". Nancy (who notified us) said "I visited your site and I think it is lovely. I am honored to present you with the 'Sharing the Love of Jesus' award."
ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives United States Trademark ®
January 13,2004: Angel Express ® receives its United States Trademark. Angel Express ® is now a registered trademark under US 002 005 022 023 029 037 038 050. G & S: GREETING CARDS International Class: 016, Reg No. 2805424

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Receives "Inspirational Award in God's Work."
March 3, 2004. Angel Express ® received the "
Inspirational Award in God's Work" from Connie of The Lamb's Way.

From: The Lamb's Way

Local Lady Invents Godly Greetings.
February 2005, Believe Magazine published the personal testimony of Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo on the front page of their February 2005 edition. The article relates the story of her personal Gift from God that she is sharing through the Angel Express Greeting Card. Read the Article. The magazine is available for free at various religious stores in the Greater Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia Areas. The website for Believe Magazine is


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Investor Relations

ANGEL EXPRESS  ® is a privately held company. Those interested in acquiring shares may get additional information by contacting us at ANGEL EXPRESS  ®, 40 Franklin Road, Newport News, VA 23601 or e-mailing us at

View the Physical Card

Here are photos of the ANGEL EXPRESS  ® "A Scripture Talking Card"™ which will be available in stores soon. Click on a photo below to see a larger photo.
Click on this photo to see a larger image of "A Scripture Talking Card" while it is closed. Click on this photo to see a larger image of "A Scripture Talking Card" while it is open. Click on this photo to see a larger image of the back of  "A Scripture Talking Card." Click on this photo to see a larger image of "A Scripture Talking Card" envelope.
Closed Card
Open Card
(Opening the bag on the right will activate the spoken Scripture.)
Back of Card
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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 2003

We will not abuse your personal information. It is necessary to collect your e-mail address and that of the intended recipient of your card in order to record the personal message and to deliver the invitation to view the card. With your permission we will make your e-mail address available to affiliated organizations also interested in spreading the word of God. We will also use this information to notify users of this site of new developments. You will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe to any mailing you receive from us.

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Legal Information

The following is a legal agreement between ANGEL EXPRESS ® , located in Newport News, VA and "you," the user of this Site.

By accessing, browsing and/or using this Web site (Site), you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound to these terms of service ("Terms") and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This agreement contains warranty disclaimers and other provisions that limit our liability to you. Please read this agreement in its entirety. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use this Site.


ANGEL EXPRESS logo and the words
Angel Express ® are owned by Angel Express ® Greeting Card Company. All rights reserved. Use of our trademark is strictly prohibited. All materials on the site are protected by copyright.


This web site or portions thereof are covered by United States Patent No. D457,555S


All images on this web site are owned by ANGEL EXPRESS GREETING CARD COMPANY or in public domain. If you believe we have used any artwork by mistake please contact us with documentation of legal rights in writing by mail and we will remove it from our site.

Acceptable Use Policy

Angel Express ® has adopted the following Acceptable Use Policy in order to assure that its electronic greetings are used in a lawful and appropriate manner. While Angel Express ® does not ordinarily monitor the content of user's greeting, it reserves the right to investigate reports of misuse of its service and to protect its property and assets. The following conduct is prohibited on the service:

sending harassing, abusive, or threatening messages;
sending defamatory or libelous messages;
sending viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
attempting to steal passwords or credit card information;
sending messages in furtherance of unlawful, criminal or fraudulent activity.

Violations of the ANGEL EXPRESS ® Acceptable Use Policy will not be tolerated and may result in the User (either an Ambassador or Guest) being blocked from sending additional greetings. Angel Express ® may disable the User's account without compensation or refund if the terms of this policy are violated.

Warranty Restrictions; Limitation of Liability

The materials, information, and services provided on this site are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. There is no warranty against interference with your enjoyment of any materials. Information, or services (including, but not limited to, any data, text images, sounds or computer programs or against infringement. Angel Express ® is not responsible for any failure of electronic greetings sent through the service to reach their intended. The materials available on the site are subject to change without notice.

Angel Express ® takes no responsibility or assumes liability for any content transmitted by you.

Updates to Terms


Angel Express ® shall have the right to revise these Terms at any time by updating this page. By using this Site, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the current Terms to which you are bound.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Licensor does not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of the use, of this Site.


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Frequently asked questions

How many cards can I send?

As many cards as you like.

Who am I helping by sending a card?

You can touch someone's spiritual senses that may be in need to hear the word of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Who am I helping by becoming an Ambassador?

We all benefit. You benefit as an Ambassador by showing how much you care by sending "A Scripture Talking Card."™ You are supporting
Angel Express ® in our effort to convert a virtual greeting card into a physical greeting card which we hope to have in Christian stores across the US in the near future.

How will I know if the card was viewed by the person I sent it to?

When a card is created, an e-mail is generated to provide the recipient with instructions for viewing their card. We automatically provide a greeting card delivery notification feature. This sends an e-mail to the sender that the card has been viewed and also tells you what time. When you receive a confirmation you will know that the card was viewed.


When a card is sent there are a variety or reasons why it may not be delivered including the following:

*Some businesses restrict their employees' Internet access so that only work related sites may be visited.
*A home network may have firewall settings restricting access to only sites on a parent approved list.
*The recipient may have strict anti-spam software accepting only mail from addresses on its approved list.
*The e-mail account may have expired.
*The e-mail account may have been incorrectly typed.
*The recipient may have computer problems.
*The recipient may not have access to a computer (vacation).
*The recipient may not check e-mail frequently.
*The recipient's Mail Server may have crashed - (very unlikely).

All of the above situations exist for any e-mail situation and have nothing to do with Angel Express.

If you suspect that the recipient may have anti-spam software restricting the e-mails they receive you could ask them to allow e-mails from ""

Can I use the pictures in my own creations?

Some of these images are copyrighted by
Angel Express ® so you must write to us and request permission.
Write to: ANGEL EXPRESS ® , Greeting Card Company, 40 Franklin Road, Newport News, VA 23601

Can I make the pictures my wall paper?

Yes! We are providing wall paper which is our trademark. Click on the "Free For You" button on the main menu or on the free link you can find at the bottom of every page.

Request additional information from:

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