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My prayer is for all of us to become "Ambassadors" for Christ and one day citizens in heaven.
Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo
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Free wallpaper for your computer!

The wallpaper below is free to our visitors.



Free Wallpaper for your computer.

Scroll beneath the wallpaper image if you need instructions to install wallpaper.

Warning- your old background settings will be lost.

Quick Installation Instructions:
Selecting the image to the right will bring up another window with the
ANGEL EXPRESS  ® logo displayed. It is set as an optimum size for most displays. Right click on the image and select it as background. Your images won't be removed, but you must make a note of the previous settings so you will know what to select if you wish to return to the previous settings.

Angel Express Free Wallpaper for your desktop could look something like this on your monitor.
Angel Express Free Wallpaper.


Instructions to install your wallpaper
Right click on a blank area on your desktop to access the properties box to the right.
Click on the properties option.
Select the second tab at the top labeled "Desktop."
Click on the Desktop Tab.

Depending on your screen resolutions and desktop settings you may want to adjust the Position option.The "Stretch" setting will look good on most systems, however, you could also try the "Center" or "Tile" options.

Click on  Stretch to fill your screen.
That's it!
You now have the ANGEL EXPRESS  ® logo
displayed as your wallpaper!


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