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My prayer is for all of us to become "Ambassadors" for Christ and one day citizens in heaven.
Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo
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The Inspiration Behind ANGEL EXPRESS ®

Prayer and Scripture helping you bring the word of Our Lord to those who need to hear it.

ANGEL EXPRESS ® was conceived in 2001. Our purpose is to bring people closer to Christ by using 'A Scripture Talking Card'™.

We do this by offering Lifetime Ambassador memberships. Join us. Click on I want to Register at the bottom of the Ambassadors Login Box.

Below is the story of the event that inspired the creation of ANGEL EXPRESS ® .

My Gift from God

In January 2001 I asked the Lord to take me to a place of peace and quietness for my personal restoration. I needed to find a place of solitude for spiritual guidance. As I humbled myself before the Lord praying, writing and asking questions, the Holy Spirit began working in my life.
There is great power in choosing to surrender completely to God in the midst of suffering or difficulties in our lives. I asked God for His gracious love to awaken my spiritual passion. Christ calls us to come to Him when we are tired, and to find hope when we are discouraged as I was. My failures and weaknesses had discouraged me. I needed a life changing hope. I found hope in God, which was independent of my hopes, that He would work in a particular way through me. I realized my hope in Him was secure even though life was not. And I remembered Psalm 71:14 “But as for me, I will always have hope.”
I always looked at my life and was thankful that God had blessed me by being a proud mother, grandmother and for having a wonderful husband who supports me in all that I do. However, the question that kept coming to my mind was, “What is my purpose in life?” I knew somehow I could serve God in my own special way even though I am not a preacher, a teacher or a public speaker.
God states in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”, and I took comfort in this verse. As the days turned into months, I called out, “Oh, God, will You answer me? Please give ear to me and hear my prayer.” And God did again and again showing me the wonders of His love.
On March 30, 2001, I went to buy a card for a friend who had cancer, but I couldn’t find a card that appealed to me. There were hundreds of cards, but I left without making a purchase. After leaving the card store, I had to drive over an overpass and on that bridge, the most awesome blessing happened to me. God spoke to me in a whisper, but in my thoughts it was as if the whole world had heard it! He said, “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to have 'A Scripture Talking Card'™?
My heart was beating fast, I was crying and I could hardly catch my breath. I couldn’t get home fast enough to tell my husband, Ross, and call my son, Jonathan. When I arrived home, Ross was on the internet and crying I asked, “What do you think about 'A Scripture Talking Card'™?”
“That’s a great idea!” he replied. “Is it out there?”
“God spoke to me and said those exact words”, I answered.
My husband then said, “Sylvia, that is your Gift from God!”

I knew then that in order to “hear the voice” I had to be willing to turn around and listen. My life became like a radio dial with signals coming from all directions to the tune of God’s voice. His voice was loud and clear even in a whisper. Right away we thanked God for THE GIFT. We prayed for guidance, we prayed for His footprints to carry us through, we prayed for direction not to let God down, and we prayed for Christian attorneys to help pave the way. Day in and day out God’s voice was everywhere, working in our minds, taking us through this spiritual journey, and reminding us to live and work by faith.
I had "A Scripture Talking Card"™ in my mind, but I needed to bring my vision to life. My hand and God’s Hands worked together in making this prototype card. Each day on our way to work, God began working through my husband and me. It was as if we were both having the identical vision about this beautiful trademark.
Our trademark is, “
ANGEL EXPRESS  ® .” It consists of a young angel coming out of heaven on horseback to deliver scripture talking cards. Angels to me are messengers, glorious guardians, and bearers of blessings. This angel is smiling, happy to spread the news. In the brown ANGEL EXPRESS  ® bag, he carries the cards. The sky is a beautiful blue and white, just as I saw it on the day that THE GIFT was given to me. There are twelve stars on the bridle representing the twelve Disciples. The halo shines with hope and heaven’s power lifts the angel’s wings. Many who have seen these cards say that it touches their spiritual senses.
Thank you for letting me share my testimony. May you too be blessed by God and share it with others. My prayer is for all of us to become ambassadors for Christ and one day citizens in heaven.


A special thank you to those who have daily lifted our ANGEL EXPRESS  ® project to our Lord and Savior in prayer and have continually given me and my husband, Ross, words of encouragement. Your support and prayers were essential in taking this gift from vision to reality. I am especially appreciative to our Christian family and friends:

Mary and Doug Graham, who knew about “The Gift From God” from day one, who always encouraged us whenever one door would close and another would open, who prayed with us, believed in us, and kept the faith.

George Helfrich and Svein Lassen, our business and patent attorneys, for their counsel and guidance and for believing in us and encouraging us to go forward.

Jolyn and Mike Rivenbark, for their openness to our project and their friendship and prayers.

My cousins, Rhonda Cundiff Richardson, Will Richardson, Rachel and Tommy Jefferson, Jone Hearp, Vicky and Flint Tingen, Rick and Anita Woodfin and Donald McAllister, who cheered us on, prayed for us and couldn’t wait to see our project work in other people’s lives.

My pastor, Lynwood Wells for his prayers and friendship.

To all my friends and family who took the time to listen to my testimony, and to my brother-in-law Frank D’Angelo.

To Christy Kuhnle, for composing "Whispers of the Angels" for us. The music and title "Whispers of the Angel" is owned by Angel Express Greeting Card Company.

To Bob Gurske, engineer, Winter Sound Recording Studio, Gloucester, VA 23062, for his skill in optimizing the audio effects enhancing the spoken scripture and the underlying music.

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV®, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

Scripture is taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.

The actual bible appearing on the front of the ANGEL EXPRESS  ® Greeting Card was a gift from my father to my mother.

To Rita J. Calver and Carl White who's inspirational voices intensify the dramatic, inspirational feeling achieved when someone experiences "A Scripture Talking Card"™.

To our dear friends Billie Hetrick, Father Gregory MacGregor and Joesph Hudson. We are grateful for your opening your hearts and sharing your gifted spiritual voices for our Angel Express ministry. Thank you for letting our ministry also be your ministry for God. May the Lord reward you both.

To Tom Taché, President of EffectiveNow, Inc., Internet Strategies and Website Development, for his insight and expertise in helping us present our vision on the Internet.

To my son, Jonathan, (the face that was used in the Angel in our Logo is his face at 3 ½ years old) and my dear grandson, Dominic, the ones who fill my cup daily with their love and prayers.

To my husband, Ross, for all his hard work and always believing in ANGEL EXPRESS ® . For his faith in God, believing in His word, and believing in me.

To Jesus Christ, who is my life, the lifter of my soul.

Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo

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