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My prayer is for all of us to become "Ambassadors" for Christ and one day citizens in heaven.
Sylvia Dean Stephens-D'Angelo

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Religious Greeting Cards can spread the Word of Our Lord and Savior when other methods don't quite capture the spirit. Our beautiful Christian Greeting Cards are available in e-card form right now on this website. The physical card will be available in the future on the Internet and in stores near you. Our exclusive selection of Christian cards is unique. We have incorporated the concept of "A Scripture Talking Card"™ into a pleasing variety from which you can choose. Not only will the scripture message be read, it will be heard. And you can add a written message of your own to each religious greeting card to provide your own personalized touch. You are welcome to use our Free Greeting Cards to spread the Word of God. You are also encouraged to join us and gain access to the full range of features.

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Our design patented "A Scripture Talking Card"™ is the only one of its kind. These cards make a wonderful gift to help a friend or a loved one appreciate the thoughtfulness you feel by taking time to demonstrate your concern and creating an inspirational card for them. It may be to commemorate a special moment in their lives, or perhaps to provide support or encouragement. Our Ambassadors are able to send these virtual cards to their friends to share with them some appropriate words from scripture. Look through our website and then Join Us to share the word of Our Lord. Please give us your feedback and tell your friends about the wonderful discovery you've made.



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